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July 11 2011


Celebrity flaunting and hiding their relationships

Any celebrity tabloid is the most colorful and interesting newspaper supplement. It is filled with all kinds of gossip, party stuff and every aspect one would need to spice up their morning. Many ardent readers of this page follow the styles and get their daily dose of refreshment. Apart from these parties, another very interesting feature these supplements have is the insight into celebrity lives, similarly who is going out with whom, who broke off with whom and so on. Common people need to have their dose of this doctrine. They want to have some bite of their favorite celebrity. The life of any famous personality is like an open book, everyone wishes to read it. This is a very common tendency of people to be curious to know what is cooking in the life of the next person. These tabloids help in fulfilling their requirements by providing them information about their star. With the global influence on each other many western celebrities are following religious and cultural trends of Asian countries, whereas many celebrities are following footsteps of their seniors and flaunt various styles and so on. This type of influencing each other is very much common in glamor world.

Apart from this fashion is one of the most interesting and dedicatedly followed elements of celebrity life. Many youngsters follow idol worship, they follow style, mannerism and every single detail of their favorite celebrity through these magazines.

Another prominent aspect which interests the common people is the stories of break up and hook up. They love to know who is dating whom, who has broken up with whom. They actually feel the pain and loneliness of their favorite actor or actress if they are going through a bad patch in life. Encashing on these sentiments these magazines too, try to give every single detail about the affair, dating styles, places and many more things. When a celebrity is dating someone, many times they themselves supply information to these publications for publicity. There is a mutual gain in this, people get to have bit of their dose in their stars life, the star gets his/ her publicity and the magazine gets sold. It’s a win-win situation for all. Certainly, celebrities do have their share of limelight through these tabloids and common people enjoy knowing and reading every detail of their favorite star. 

Tags: dating

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